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College Students' must-see movie 17

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1  the pursuit of happyness  you just  get a  university  diploma  ,aspiring  ,hope  in the cause of  great  skill  ,but  the process of looking for work  gradually  died out  your ambitions  .than you have  degree  ,ability  ,powerful man  after  innumerable  hit a brick wall  ,how to do  ?at this time,  you can  see the film  .
think about  how  you  again  ,beaver  ,smith play the male lead   juicy couture purses!he can  in such difficult circumstances  involved  a complete lack of  experience in the field  ,and eventually win the  high-level  approval  .
believe in yourself  ,he did  ,you also  do  !2  out of  my world  if you have this  problem  ,you can find  the  job you  don  ,or  you  have  learned professional  university  completely  counterparts ralph lauren perfume,  completely  uninterested in your  interest  ,then you will  compromise  ?have a look  of the film  .
11 year-old miner    ,in the face of  home  boy  some  boxing  tradition,  he challenges  ,practicing  his beloved  let  poor  people  can  hope  ballet  ,come true finally  .take a look  ,a child  have the  determination and courage  ,what would you  choose  ?3  agam  the united states  is  a microcosm of the history  of modern  .
needless to say  the classic  .  life is like  a box of chocolates  ...  classic lines  .you may  enter the workplace  will  feel inferior  ,than you are capable  of  so much,  how much you  humble  !but you always  than  iq of only 70  agam strong!not everyone can become a  agam  ,we are all ordinary people  ,if it  is  to set a goal of their own  ,always go on  .
4  a beautiful mind  a  beautiful  mind also  according to  a true story  ,tells the story of  a  nobel  laureate  life experience    introduction     this  hero of the story is  a real person  .genius  mathematician john nas  at the massachusetts institute of technology  ,was young when i  make a startling  discovery of mathematics  in economics,  game theory  ,established the  mathematical basis  ,beginning  with  an international reputation  .
but  at the age of 30 he  was diagnosed with paranoid  schizophrenia  .he is in his  genius and  madness  after  suffering  .his  beautiful mind  ,not only  has extraordinary  intelligence  more  extraordinary courage  ,so that  he will  not  sink into the abyss  .
this is  a long  and painful  journey  ,however,  the disease  gradually recovered  ,he  is more because of  game theory on the  research achievements have won the  nobel  prize for economics  .but this  is not a general sense of the  biographical film  .
  it is not  the  truth  ,but  through the imagination  to  praise  a  spirit of life  ,reaching some truth  .maybe you  on your career,  talented   chemise ralph lauren,like john nas  mathematical  talent  ,but  encountered  such problems,  from  you  or from  the surrounding  ,don  be discouraged  ,see nash  ,even severe  mental illness  did not prevent  his achievements in his career  - the  nobel  prize  ,do you have  any difficulties  overcome  ?in addition  ,half of success  comes from  the  love  you  ,support you  ,no matter what happens,  don  your partner  ,so a harmonious  family  is also very important  .
5  wearing  prada  queen  as a rookie  ,you may encounter  as a demon  of  boss  ,how to do  ?to  learn  in this film  actress  .if you  love  this job,  so  do a good job  ,to  show themselves,  to  win  the  favor of  the boss  ;if  no longer  love  ,then why not  cheesy  fried  boss  !6  angel emily  as a new,  come to a new  environment  ,may  be rejected  and  left out in the cold  .
want to do  good  interpersonal relationship  ,maybe you can  like emily,  to  care for others  ,to do some  small efforts,  even  brings a  smile or  a thank you  ,but you  gradually built up  a good interpersonal relationship  will make you  get twice the result with half effort  .
7  the shawshank redemption  &nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;a modern  version of  the count of monte cristo  ,the  1995 shooting of thefilm  ,either from  the  aspect  is  the classic of the classics,  the plot  is compact,  the theme of  profound  ,cast  ,the music  ,the  received 8  oscar nominations,more  become  fans  of  inspirational classic  .
when andy  in  it  night  climb out of  prison  sewer and  drain pipe  ,take off  clothes  ,stretched out his arms to embrace  free  storm  time,  believe  the audience  some  one    .8  braveheart  epic  movie  theme  ,deep dignified  yet  lively,  grand scenes  ,visual  effects and music  class,  graceful  .
although the final  outcome  regrettable  ,but its  tragic  degree  foot  can infect all  the audience  .  free  !  mel jeep  forest  before the execution  of shouting,  so far  from  the  ear  .9  million dollar baby  for the  film  ,as director eastwood  said,  this is not  about a  boxing  story  ,but about  hope  ,dreams and  love  story  ,have seen the film   polo ralph lauren discount,i believe everyone  will  know that this year  the oscar ceremony  big  victory  is really  true  .
10  the spirit  and a good film  can always  inadvertently  move you  ,or  say  ,a good movie  is the need to  appreciate  and  taste  ,sun  like  i  did not  spend too much time in  showing  how will  was smart   mens vans shoes,but the  text  mainly on  professor saan  and will  from the original  show  hostility to  understand  ,to  help him find  to  their goals in life  process  .
the film  involves  is very wide,  love  ,friendship  ,is mentioned  ,just like a cup of  strong black  coffee  ,only  taste  ,can  enjoy the  thick  fragrance  !11dancer in the dark  a  searing  film  ,with  abyss  general  penetration,  and dance in  a rare  classic  .
the ideal and the reality  ,perseverance and faith,  theme profound  suffocating  .12  king of the comedy  &nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;little  bitterness of history,  stephen chow himself  in the mirror  .
&nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;if  people live  without ideal  ,so  and salted fish  what    13be in grave  &nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;despite the  evaluation of  be in grave  end  fall  convention,  but this did not affect  its  to become  an excellent  mainstream inspirational  movies  .
this movie tells  us  a truth,  you may not  know about you,  but you  must  believe that he  (  she  )  ,because everything is possible  .14  leap peak  &nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;leap peak  is relatively easy to  be ignored  in a  department  ,in this film,  stallone plays a  long-distance  truck drivers   ralph lauren big pony,in order to  get  her son  and desperate  ,and  accidentally get  arm wrestling  champion  .
personally feel that this is  his  individual performances of  the most successful  film  ,but  an inspirational  action films  ,but also  a touching  affection films  ,far beyond the  action  of  the convention of  category  ,especially when he  and  actor  henry peihemoqi  ,father-son  sincere makes  countless  fans  tears  .
15  luo qi  rocky about  boxer    is this type of  story  in the most classic  of the greatest and most  can not miss the  movie    introduction     luo qi  balbo  living in  philadelphia  ,he first  dreamed of becoming  a great boxer  ,but  as time went on  ,he  grew disillusioned  .
but he  in order to  keep fit  ,never  stopped training  .lodge  often  help others  get some  revenue  collection  .the national  boxing heavyweight champion  apollo creed  appollo  ,came to philadelphia tour  ,his agent  arranged for him a game  ,the opponent will  be a well-known boxer  ,they selected the rocky  ,of course  ,they just  take it as a  joke  .
but rocky  began a more hard  training  ,he went to  his girlfriend    work  at  slaughter plants  ,frozen fists into practice  .the beginning of the game,  this is a recognized  one-sided game  ,but in fact it  turned out to  be well-matched in strength  .
the game  is extremely cruel,  rocky  never yield in spite of reverses  ,he  and  appollo  play a round of 15  ,muhammad was interrupted  by the threat of a bone  ,and finally  knocked down the champion  .
  say goodbye to  yesterday  16breakingaway    introduction     this is  an oscar award winning film  .the story happened  in indiana,  the four  origin of  good friends  just graduated from high school  .
faced  with  the campus  distinct  social reality,  they feel  lost  --  what  their future  should  decide on what path to follow  ?according to the convention  ,young  people  in  a local  quarry  work  .
but  the  quarry  has now closed  .then  ,four people  have to bid farewell to  the fathers  of traditional ways of life  ,to reconsider  his future  .in  denis  ke  vader  (  dennis  quaid  )  ,daniel  stern  (  daniel  stern  )  and jackie  (  jackie  earle  haley  )  .
e. harley  considering marriage  ,join the army  and  when looking for work  ,david  (  dennis  christopher)  made  a bold decision  :when a member of the italy  cyclists  .&nbsp  ;&nbsp  ;david on screen  in order to achieve their dreams  ,go to all lengths  .
he is full of  italian  ,even  to  his  bad-tempered  ,brains  and stubborn  old father  (  paul  du li paul  dooley  ?)  greeting  ,also used  ciao  .these  for the audience,  is  novel and  interesting  .
the movie also  appeared many  cheerleading  lens  ,especially in the  famous indiana university 500  metersrace  ,the atmosphere  was hard to imagine  .from first t
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